Conflict textiles: arts or crafts or something else? (1)

Stitched Voices

After sharing our experiences in organising and realising the Stitched Voices exhibition, we now turn to some deeper questions that arose in the process. One of those is whether Conflict Textiles are arts or crafts or maybe something completely different, and whether it matters.

Berit: One of the discussions we kept coming back to, among us but also with others involved in the process and conversations of Stitched Voices, was the question of whether the exhibited Conflict Textiles were arts or crafts, and whether their makers were artists or crafts people or perhaps something else. Based on Roberta’s ideas, we even played with this tension in how we set up the gallery, e.g. using an easel – the iconic tool of painters – for an installation of dolls and an arpillera from Colombia.

C_vdLO0WsAEVMu1.jpg-large Easel with installation “Long wait of the mourning women” (Colombia, 2016) and…

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